Linked Surveys

Announcing a major new Presto feature: Linked Surveys! Do you like Presto, but fall back on SASSIE when a survey is large or complicated? Linked Surveys make it easier to manage large audits and complicated surveys in Presto!

Linked surveys allow you to have one survey link to another.  Instead of having all the questions in one survey, you can now have blocks of questions in separate surveys, and refer to these blocks as linked surveys.

What are they good for?

  • Audits: in many audits, the auditor answers the same set of questions over and over again -- sometimes hundreds of times! Linked surveys make it easier to create these large forms, minimize errors, and simplify edits.
  • Large and complicated forms: being able to segment your survey into smaller subforms (we call them child surveys) makes it easier to design and manage forms that are very large, complicated, or have advanced Presto Logic.

Creating linked surveys is simple: just use the new Linked Survey question type in the Survey Builder.

Want to see a mystery shop form that uses linked surveys?  Click here!

Linked Surveys are only available in Presto Insta-Shops.

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