Claim limits: keep shoppers from going overboard!

Presto Insta-Shops now has claim limits, a limit to the number of outstanding (not yet submitted) shops a shopper can have at one time.  When the shopper tries to exceed the claim limit, they are told that they must complete a shop they have already claimed before they can complete another one.

  • Claim limits are per batch and apply to all shoppers.
  • The limit applies to incomplete shops only.  Abandoned shops or completed shops in any status (accepted, rejected, needs review) do not count toward the claim limit.
  • Claim limits do not affect other batch settings.  For example, if you have a per-shopper limit of 10 shops on the batch, but a claim limit of 5, the shopper can only have 5 incomplete shops at one time, but can complete a total of 10 shops.

How to add a claim limit to a batch

Currently, claim limits need to be configured by our support team.  To have us add a batch group for our project, contact our support department ( with the following information:

  1. The batch ID (found by expanding the batch as shown below)
  2. The claim limit for the batch.


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