Batch groups: limits across batches!

Insta-Shops batches are how you control the number of shops that can be done per shopper, per location, or per shopper/location (for example, you can set up a batch to so that each location is shopped twice and each shopper can do five shops, but can only shop the same location once).  Our new batch groups feature allows you to create additional limits across a set of batches.  These limits are:

  • The total number of shops per location for all the batches
  • The total number of shops per shopper for all the batches.
To explain how it works, let's use two scenarios.

Scenario 1: Long-Term Program

In this scenario, the client has 100 total locations, and wants each of them shopped once over the course of a six-month program.  Shops can only happen on the weekend, so you want to create a batch for each weekend, with appropriate start and end times.  Each batch will allow each location to be shopped once.  

Need a refresher on batch settings?  Check out our knowledge base article!

The problem: how to keep a shop that was shopped in a previous batch from being shopped again?  Without batch groups, you'd have to either create a new location group for each batch, consisting only of unshopped locations, or remove all previously shopped locations from the location group each week.  With batch groups, you can simply specify that each location in the batch group is only shopped once, and let Presto take care of it!

Scenario 2: Avoiding Shopper Over-booking

In this scenario, you have several batches active over a weekend -- for example, Friday, Saturday and Sunday shops.  You want to get all the shops done, so you allow shoppers to each claim ten shops per batch -- but you know that even the most amazing shopper can't realistically do more than 15 of these shops in a weekend (or, perhaps, you want to give more shoppers a chance to get shops, and you don't want just a few shoppers to claim them all).  With batch groups, you can set a per-shopper limit of 15 for the three batches.

How to add a batch group to your project

Currently, batch groups need to be configured by our support team.  To have us add a batch group for our project, contact our support department ( with the following information:
  1. The batch IDs (found by expanding the batch as shown below)


  2. The per shopper limit for the batch group
  3. The per location limit for the batch group

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