Cool new options when adding many targets/locations!

If you've done a big project in Presto, with a lot of locations, you'll like these new options!  Now you can:

  • Use latitude/longitude information (if you have it) to set a target's location.  This skips the address geocode step, speeds up the importing of targets -- AND gives you more accurate locations!
  • Import "More Info".  In Presto InstaShops, the "More Info" field is used to provide shoppers with additional information to help them find a location (for example, if you were directing the shopper to a store in a mall, you might put "First floor near the food court".  Now you can import this information when you add many locations!
  • Specify a target/location group.  For a while now, "Add Many Targets" has allowed you to select a target/location group to add all the imported locations to.  You can still do this, but if your locations belong to different groups, you can specify the group for each location in the import!

To learn more, see our helpdesk article.  

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