Insta-Shops funding: now available through credit card!

Congratulations! Your Insta-Shop program is set! You’ve created the perfect survey, imported all your locations, created the batches, you're ready to go!  There’s just one tiny detail… 

SHOPPER PAY! It’s a showstopper, because until you have funds to pay shoppers, your Insta-Shops pins won’t appear on the Presto map. You can pay us via ACH or PayPal, but if you’re in a hurry and you want your shops to go live right now, you can pay us via credit card.

For more information, read our Knowledge Base article on how to pay with a credit card.

Want to pay via ACH or PayPal instead?  Contact our support department with the name of the project, the number of shops, the shopper pay per shop, and the method you want to use, and we'll tell you how to use your payment method of choice.

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